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Hard Copy Proofing Policy For Epson Ink-Jet Proofs


Ink-jet Hard Copy Proofing is required for color critical jobs which are being printed on our offset press. This process involves us printing an Epson Ink-Jet Hard Copy proof from your supplied artwork.

We offer EFI Fiery XF Digital Proofing System. It produces color accurate proofs on our Epson Stylus Pro 7800 printers. The Epson 7800 prints up to 20" wide and uses 8 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black and Light Light Black) to achieve superior image quality.For proofing media, we use Epson Proofing Paper Semi-matte White, which is ideally suited for simulating the commercial printing applications most commonly used in high-end sheet fed printed products.

Once you receive the hard copy proof and if everything looks fine then please sign the proofing policy and fax it back to us. Once we receive the faxed approval - your job is released to production and the turnaround clock will start ticking from that point on.

Inkjet Proofs are printed on our Epson Inkjet Printers which are calibrated to our Offset Printing Press Profile. But since these 2 are entirely different printing process (8 color inkjet vs. CMYK on Offset Press) the color matching is not 100% (Industry standard is 85%). So what you see on these proofs may vary what is finally printed on the press, and only recommends these inkjet proofs as an approximation. If your job is extremely color critical and needs very high level of color accuracy then please call and discuss about the job before placing an order or signing this Proofing Policy.

By entering your name and email below and submitting the Proofing Policy, I acknowledge that I understand the hard copy proofing process and the intricacies involved in the proofing and printing process. I furthermore understand that by signing and sending this back to PrintPapa, I am releasing my print job to production and that the turnaround for this job will go in effect once PrintPapa receives this signed Proofing Policy.

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