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In EDDM, we do everything for you. We Print + Bundle + Postage + Deliver to USPS, all for one price. All we need is a print-ready artwork and a zip code route list.

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EDDM - 8x6.5

EDDM - 8x6.5 (PID:21757)

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EDDM - 9x6.25

EDDM - 9x6.25 (PID:21776)

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EDDM - 10x8

EDDM - 10x8 (PID:21777)

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EDDM - 11"x4"

EDDM - 11"x4" (PID:21781)

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EDDM - 11"x6"

EDDM - 11"x6" (PID:21657)

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EDDM - 11x7

EDDM - 11x7 (PID:21782)

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EDDM - 11"x8.5"

EDDM - 11"x8.5" (PID:21783)

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EDDM - 11x9

EDDM - 11x9 (PID:21785)

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EDDM - 12x9

EDDM - 12x9 (PID:21786)

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EDDM - 13x10

EDDM - 13x10 (PID:21788)

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EDDM - 12x9 folded to 12x4.5

EDDM - 12x9 folded to 12x4.5 (PID:21789)

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EDDM - 17x11 folded to 8.5x11

EDDM - 17x11 folded to 8.5x11 (PID:21790)

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EDDM - 25.5x11 tri-folded to 8.5x11

EDDM - 25.5x11 tri-folded to 8.5x11 (PID:21791)

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