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Bigger statements need bigger printing to make a bigger impact

Being one of the most innovative firms in the printing industry is not enough for, not nearly, so we would like to introduce our new Large Format Printing services. The recent acquisition of their new Roland SOLJET PRO III XJ-740, puts at the forefront of the Large Format game. The Roland delivers up to 74 inches of 6 color printing magic as high as 1440 x 1440 dpi. 6 colors, yes, you read that correctly. The addition of Light Cyan and Light Magenta (CMYK+LcLm) to enhance blues and reds, ensures flawless flesh tones and improves image quality across lighter colors.

Now that the technical beauty is out of the way, you might ask yourself a question. Why a large format banner instead of a normal sized banner? Well that is an excellent question. Large format projects can reach sizes of up to 6ft. tall by 50ft wide. That is a statement as tall as an adult male and over 16 yards long. We are aiding businesses big and small to make their (Grand Openings) just that much more grand & their (Huge Sales Events) to reach levels beyond huge.

PrintPapa is offering more than just size though, PRINT BIG is about quality of both product and service, not to mention selection of materials. There is vinyl for enormous Banners, Canvas for fine art reproduction, Static cling for transparent window displays, Wall Stickers for large wall decorations and advertisements, large photograph quality paper for giant Posters as well as translucent film for beautiful Backlit displays. What does this do for our customers? Well that is easy, it gives them a way to communicate better to their customers.

For more information about Large Format Printing and -PRINT BIG-, feel free to call 800.657.7181 or visit

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