Shaped Stickers

Die-cut crack and peel stickers, choice of shapes, available in 2 sizes.

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Kiss Cut Opaque Sticker

Kiss Cut Opaque Sticker (PID: 7179)

Kiss Cut Clear Sticker

Kiss Cut Clear Sticker (PID: 7274)

Circle Sticker

Circle Sticker (PID: 7189)

Cloud Sticker

Cloud Sticker (PID: 7329)

Flower Sticker

Flower Sticker (PID: 7330)

Oval Sticker

Oval Sticker (PID: 7231)

Star Sticker

Star Sticker (PID: 7331)

Heart Sticker

Heart Sticker (PID: 7345)

Leaf Sticker

Leaf Sticker (PID: 7346)

Oblong Sticker

Oblong Sticker (PID: 7352)

Octagon Sticker

Octagon Sticker (PID: 7353)

Ribbon Sticker

Ribbon Sticker (PID: 12244)