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Perfect Bound Book - 5.5x8.5 (PID: 2701)
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Need just a few books, then use our Short run book production services. We will check your file, convert to PDF, email you a PDF proof followed by a Hard copy proof (over night delivery) which is nothing but the final product but only ONE, for you to look at and approve. Once you approve it we will Print the rest, Bind and Ship your Books. These are Soft Cover Perfect Bound Books and you can order ONLY 5 books. Yes, that is correct. Short run!! Great for
  • Self-publishing author
  • Portfolio Books
  • Small publisher
  • Training Book Manuals
  • Prototype of a book.
  • or anything else..

5.5x8.5 inch (Width x Height), Spine is on 8.5" edge


You can have a minimum of 40 pages to a max of 500 pages. You have the option to choose printing in Black & White or Full Color.


The Cover of your book is very critical part, as it needs to get attention and thus sell more. It is highly recommended to design a catchy looking cover. All our book covers are printed on nice 10pt Card Stock (C1S) with high gloss UV Coating on the outside for protection. We do offer printing on the inside of the book cover, but there are some restrictions, like no ink on the spine and 1/8" around it. Refer to the guideline templates to setup your artwork properly.

There are 3 options to choose from:

  1. Upload Print Ready PDF file. The cover consists of 3 parts: Front Cover, Spine & Back Cover. Based on the number of pages of the book the spine thickness will vary. Use the Spine Thickness Calculator to get the width of the spine. We have provided some guideline templates to help in setting up the cover graphics properly. Once you have the cover setup properly, provide us a proper print ready PDF. Please send us at least 300 dpi resolution PDF (font outlined & image embedded)
  2. Simple Setup: If the above option is too much for you, but you have the 3 parts then we can set it up for a small fees.

Most probably you will be writing the book in some word processing software like Microsoft Word. If that is the case then you can download our Word Template for this Book Size (see the template section) so that you can format your book properly. If you are using any other page layout program like Adobe InDesign or Quark then you have to make sure to format it as per our requirement (see the word template). Once your book is formatted properly then you have to convert it to a PDF format. Refer to Do It Yourself to convert to a PDF and upload the print ready file


We will always send you a PDF Proof by email for proofing. It is highly recommended that you print the PDF files on your laser printer (print in color if you have access to a color printer), and proof read the document carefully to make sure everything looks correct. It's highly recommended to have someone else besides yourself proof-read the content for issues.

  1. PDF + Hard Copy Proof: Once you approve the PDF Proof, then we will print and bind one copy and ship it you. This hard copy proof is very similar to the final product you will receive. To approve the proof sign the hard copy approval form (included with the Proof) and either fax it, or scan & email. If for any reason there is an issue with the hard copy proof and you need to resend new files then we will repeat the same process over again i.e. send a new PDF proof* followed by a hard copy proof*.
*additional charges apply
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Numbers. It is required to publish and distribute a book to booksellers. Most sellers will not accept books without an ISBN number. Being a Self-Publisher you should buy your own ISBN number. Below are the main reasons why you should do it yourself:
1. Who ever buys the ISBN is listed as the publisher. So your name will be listed as a publisher
2. You can use the ISBN number to print your books anywhere.
3. You will keep all rights and royalties to your book.

To buy a ISBN & Barcode go to

We offer various Turnaround options to choose from based on your needs. On the 3 day turnaround there is a max limit on the order quantity. If this book is time critical then please let us know.

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