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Pay For Postage - Flat Rate (PID: 5402)
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Pay for Postage allows you to pay for the postage for our printed products with Direct mail service. All you have to do is to order the printing with Direct Mail Services and then Pay for Postage.

To qualify for the USPS Flat Rate Mail class your mail piece has to fall between the dimension mentioned below.

Dimension Minimum Maximum
Height 6.125 inches 12 inches
Length 11.5 inches 15 inches

You can choose between Standard Mail (cheaper and slower) versus 1st Class Mail (expensive but faster) services when your mail piece qualifies for the Letter rate. If your mailing is not time sensitive or you can justify anywhere from 10-14 days for mailing then choose Standard. On the other hand if you mailing is time constraint then choose 1st Class. See the table below for details:

Mail Service Standard 1st Class Single Pc 1st Class Presort Affix Postage Stamp
Cost Low Cost 1st class postage Discounted 1st Class Postage $1.50/pc for 1st Class Postage + Labor to affix the postage
Time in Transit 7 to 14 days 2-4 days 2-4 days 2-4 days
Minimum no of Mail Pieces 200 200 500 0
Return Service* No Yes Yes Yes
Which one to Choose? Not time sensitive and want to get the best postage rate. Time sensitive mailing, but don't want to apply postage stamps or handle the mailing Time sensitive mailing, and want to save money on postage Time sensitive mailing, but don't want to apply postage stamps or handle the mailing

*Return Service : If the address is bad or not deliverable the mailer will be returned back to the sender. This is not available on Standard mailing


Follow the next 3 steps to configure the Instant Calculator and get the correct postage price. It is easy.

Select from the correct Direct Mail Product Type. If you don't see the product then you are in the wrong Pay for Postage Product. Check the other Pay for Postage Products.

To decide which Postage option to select, you will need to know the number of addresses you have in your mailing list. So get a count of addresses. You maybe ordering 1000 postcard, but only have 950 addresses, then you will enter 950 in the QTY box.

What to enter in the "Order Number" text box? 2 Options:
a) Enter "new order" if you are placing the order for printing along with the postage.
b) OR Find & Enter the order number for which you are paying the postage.

  1. No Coupons are allowed on this Postage. If you apply any coupons the order will be processed by removing the coupons.
  2. No Refunds or Credits given on Postage.
  3. For Custom Jobs you will be provide with a postage amount for which you will select the Product Type as Custom Job and enter the amount in the quantity field. You will then see the postage. Click Add To Cart and proceed through the checkout process to place the order.

Instant Calculator

1. Direct Mail Product Type 

Choose the mailer size
Jumbo Postcard: 7x11

2. Number of Mail Pieces 

Count the no. of addresses and select the correct option.
Less than 200

3. Postage 

Standard Mail, Flat: 200 pc & more

Order Number:

Price as Configured:
Sub Total:  
Unit Price:

Prefer to order by phone

Call 408-567-9553| 8a.m to 6p.m (PT)

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