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EDDM Postcard - 12x9 (PID: 5528)
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With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service from the U.S. Postal Service, you can reach the customers who matter most to your business in nearby neighborhoods. Postage is as low as 17-18 cents/piece, and you don't even need to know names or street addresses. Simply identify the neighborhoods you want to target and your printed piece is delivered to every active address in your target area.


1. Reaches consumers in their homes. You can saturate an entire neighborhood with your message, and your mailing gets directly into the homes and hands of consumers.

2. As much or as little space as you need. EDDM offers a flexible range of sizes, making it ideal for anything from a quick sales announcement to an in-depth product story.

3. Helps your messages work harder. You can include coupons, menus, event calendars, store maps, and more, all of which can help get more customers to your door.


Step 1: Learn EDDM: View this Webinar from USPS. The seminar is around 16 min. plus 10 min. of Q&A. Very informative and it will help you a lot.

To learn more about EDDM visit the USPS website.

Step 2: Use the EDDM Tool to figure out how many and where to mail? So now you understand EDDM! Go to the interactive USPS EDDM Tool (It will open in a separate window). Follow steps below:
a) Enter the location (address, city or zip) where you want to send you mailers. It will then show you all the routes and count of addresses in each route and the cost to mail to that route.
b) Choose the routes you want to target. You can also filter the routes if you click on the Mailing Options dropdown.
c) Once you are done selecting the routes, you will get the total count of addresses. Please note that down as you will need that when you order the postcards.
d) Next you will have to Login or Register for a USPS account.
e) Choose an estimated drop off date, your name from the drop down and read the terms and condition.
f) Decide where to pay Postage? Online or at Post office. You are done.

You will be given an Order Number. Go to the Forms section, click on the USPS Form PS3587B and Facing Slips. Save it on your computer. This is required to prepare the mailing and taking it to the post office.

Step 3: Place your Printing Order: Now based on the address count from Step 2 above, you can go ahead and order that many postcards. Always order 100 extra or to the next higher quantity.

Step 4: Choosing the Correct Direct Mail Services Option: (faq) We offer the following 2 options:
a) Customer to Prepare the Mail: This is the most cheapest option. Since EDDM Retail is meant to save you money, we will print and ship these postcards to you, and you will be responsible to prepare the mailing and take it to the post office. We will assist you in creating your paperwork and consult with you on preparing your cards for Every Door Direct Mail delivery.

b) EDDM Drop Off Ready : In this option you will finish all the things in Step 2 and send us the USPS Form PS3587B. We will prepare the mail (i.e. bundle and apply the facing slip) and ship it to you. All you have to do is pay for the postage and drop it off at the local post office mentioned on the report.


Finish Size: 12x9 inch
Artwork Size (with bleeds): 12.25x9.25 inch. Please download our guideline template to setup the artwork and send us a print ready PDF (font outlined & image embedded).


Choice of:
1. 14 Pt. Gloss (14 point = 0.014 inch thick): Thick and sturdy. Use UV Coating option for high gloss and protection from scratches if direct Mailed.
2. 100lb Gloss Cover (Budget): Roughly 11 point (0.011 inch thick). This is a very nice card stock for most jobs with BUDGET or needs to be direct mailed. Did you know?.. US Postal Service requires 8 point as the minimum thickness for postcards to be direct mailed. So this paper easily meets the requirement.


UV Coating is a high gloss coating done after the printing process to protect the ink from getting scratched or smudged. It also makes the print super glossy. We highly recommend you to choose this option if this is a direct mail project.


Already have the design done then make sure to set it up properly. Use our guideline template to setup a Print Ready PDF. If you do not have a design, then you can also choose us to Design it from concept.


Regular is 5 days. For a small rush fee you can select 3 Day, 2 Day, Next and Same business Day options


Check out our No Hassle 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Instant Calculator

1. Printed Sides/Color 

FRONT: Color, BACK: Black (4/1)

2. Paper 

Card Stock: 100lb Gloss

3. Direct Mail Service 

Customer to Prepare the Mailing

4. Indicia 

Use EDDM Retail Indicia

5. UV (High Gloss) Coating  

No UV Coating

6. Artwork 

Upload Print Ready PDF (after order placed)

7. Proofing 

PDF Proof

8. Turnaround Time  (View Calendar

5 Business Days

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Estimated Completion Date:

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