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4 Page Half/Tri-fold Tabbed Mailer (11x17 to 11x8.5 to 3.6x8.5) (PID: 13540)
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Need to save on mailing cost but at the same time not give up on the print area, then Folded mailer are great option. There is much more room for your message for the same postage price and they look great too. Our folded mailers are printed full color on both sides on either 80lb or 100lb Gloss Text stock, folded in half and then half folded again. You can choose to have us do the Direct Mailing or do it yourself.


Flat Size (i.e. paper not folded): 11x17 inch (width x height)
Folded Size (i.e. Half Fold then Tri-Fold): 1st Half Folded to 11x8.5 (width x height) and then Tri-Folded to 3.6x8.5.
Artwork Size Flat (with bleeds): 11.25x17.25 inch (width x height). Download the Template to setup your artwork properly.


What is involved in Direct Mail Service?

  1. We verify the graphics for the mail piece, and make sure that the correct Indicia is applied.
  2. We process your mailing list through a specialized USPS approved software which takes care of address correction and does CASS Certification of your address list.
  3. We then perform Move Update using NCOA Link Service to account for change of addresses.
  4. Your addresses are then processed and printed on to the mail pieces.
  5. Your printed mail pieces are then packaged (stacked or banded) in approved USPS containers as per a certain order.
  6. We print all the reports required by USPS for doing bulk mail.
  7. Next we deliver all the mail pieces to the Bulk Mail Facility.

Note: USPS Return service is not available on Standard Bulk Rate. So if you have bad addresses then the mailers won't be returned to sender. If you need that service then choose 1st Class rate.


We have created a simple and easy to understand checklist for your direct mail project.

1. Format it correct: Download (Excel or CSV) template & format your address correctly as shown below:

2. Name it mailing.xls. Save the file in Excel (preferred) or csv file format.
3. Upload this address file along with your artwork after you place the order.
4. The Address block on your postcard should be white and is as per the USPS guidelines shown below.

5. Make it Easy: See below in the template section and download the mailing template to set up the address side.
6. Don't run Short: Order at least 50 more then your address count. So for e.g. you have 1000 addresses in the mailing list then order the next quantity greater than 1000. OR cut down the address list by at least 50.
7. Sorry!! We will not process the order if your list contains more addresses than what you ordered.


This option will apply 2 round tabs on the open edge of your mailer and will secure it. This is required operation for mailing.


Provide Print Ready Files, or let us design it for you. You choose, We do it.


Regular is 5 days, but for a small rush fee you can select 3, 2 or Next business Day options


Check out our No Hassle 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Instant Calculator

1. Direct Mail Service 

Quantity to Print:
Quantity to Mail:
1st Class Presort (Qty> 500)

2. Postage 

1st Class, Letter (Presort): 500 pcs & more

3. Printed Sides/Color 

BOTH SIDES: Full Color (4/4)

4. Paper 

Text Stock: 80lb Gloss

5. Tabbing 

2 Tabs (1" from each edge)

6. Folding Options 

Half and then Tri-fold. 11x17 to 11x8.5 to 3.6x8.5

7. Artwork 

Upload Print Ready PDF (after order placed)

8. Proofing 

PDF Proof

9. Turnaround Time  (View Calendar

5 Business Days

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Estimated Completion Date:

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