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Get your Sports uniform personalized with Text & Numbers. We use the Vinyl Imaging Process to apply the Text & Numbers to the garment. As with any garment personalization - there are some limitation so, before you provide the shirts, please contact us to make sure we can do vinyl imaging on that particular garment.

NOTE: The Price shown does NOT include the cost of garment.


Please follow the steps below. It is fairly simple and straight forward. We have tried to keep it as simple as possible for you. We take care of the hard part.

Every order is setup and laid out by our graphics designers and a PDF proof will be created with the shortest and the longest name. That way you will be able to see how the text and numbers look on the garment.

STEP 1: Personalization Option

You have 3 options to choose from.

1. Text and Numbers: This is the most popular option only as you can have both the player name and number on the garment.

2. Text Only: if you just want player names or team names

3. Numbers Only: Another popular option - when you just want Numbers on the garment.

All the 3 above options required you to download the Excel Spreadsheet and fill it out. Without this - we will not be able to start the job. So please remember to fill it out and upload it after you have placed the order (there will be a button to attach a file). If you do not have excel then just type it up on a notepad. See screenshot below of what the spreadsheet is all about.

Based on the option you choose, make sure to provide the Number, Name, or both, Garment Size and the garment color. We will use this information to setup the artwork and also to generate the PDF Proof.

STEP 2: Select Size of Numbers & Text

The size of Text will depend on the longest name you have in your list. Usually 2 or 3 inches for Text is pretty standard. For numbers you can choose between 8, 10 & 12 inches.

For youth or kids garments - it is recommended to choose the smaller combination for e.g. Text Size = 2 inch and Number Size = 8 inch. For Adults you can go with Text size = 3 inch and Number Size = 10 or 12 inch.

STEP 3: Select Font & Layout of Numbers & Text

Choose from the drop down the Font and the layout. We offer the choice of Straight or arched path. We also offer a standard choice of fonts which we know looks good for Sports Uniforms.

STEP 4: Select Color of Numbers & Text

We offer a lot of choices for the color of Numbers & Text. Make sure to choose one which has a high level of contrast with the color of the garment. So for e.g. if the Garment is black in color then choose White as the vinyl color.

STEP 5: Heat Press to Garment

We provide the 2 options for the Heat Press (or the actual application of the names or numbers) to the garment.

1. Provide us with the garment and we do the entire job for a small charge. We will use the excel file and then heat press them properly to the garment. On our heat press we can control the correct heat and the pressure so the job comes out looking good.


2. If you have a heat press and have the know how on how to heat press (apply the vinyl) to the garment, then we will provide you with the cut, pre-spaced text and numbers, and you do the rest. You can save some money by choosing this option.


This only applies if we are doing the heat press and you are providing us with the garments.

Please make sure to tag the garments you provide us with the order number. If you are drop shipping the garments from a supplier then please make sure to first place the order on our website, and then once you have the order number, then give that to the supplier so that it is properly tagged.

It is your responsibility to make sure we receive the correct garment and also the correct quantity. We will NOT be liable for any delays or reprint due to mistakes made by you or your supplier. Click here to visit our Contact Us page for the shipping address.


Although our normal spoilage is insignificant, we do allow for 2% damage. We will credit accounts for any spoilage in excess of one piece or 2% whichever is greater.


Standard is 5 days. Also for a small rush fee you can select 3, 2 & Next Business Day option


Check out our No Hassle 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Instant Calculator

1. Personalization Option 

Text & Number

2. Size of Numbers 

8 inch Numbers

3. Size of Texts 

2 inch Text

4. Font & Layout 

Impact, Straight

5. Material & Colors 


6. Heat Press to Garment 

Provide Garments, We Heat Press

7. Proofing 

PDF Proof (Shortest & Longest Text)

8. Turnaround Time  (View Calendar

5 Business Days

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